Lorraine Hariton

Lorraine Hariton is currently the CEO of Catalyst, an iconic global nonprofit that provides leadership to the world’s most powerful CEOs and companies to help build workplaces that work for women.

Ms. Hariton spent the first 15 years of her career at IBM where she rose though the sales and marketing ranks to leadership. She held executive roles at Verifone and NCD in sales, marketing and strategy, and was one of the top women executives in Silicon Valley before becoming CEO of two technology startups and raising $50 million in venture capital. In 2009, she leveraged her business leadership skills to the benefit of the US Department of State as Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs where she launched the Global Entrepreneurship Program.

Ms. Hariton currently serves on the board of Quotient Technologies Board (NYSE:QUOT) and sits on the Nom and Gov Committee and previously served on the boards of Wave Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:WAVX), chairing the Nom and Gov committee; IODA , and Beatnik, two Silicon Valley startups; the California Board of Accountancy; the Entrepreneurs Foundation; the Wikieducation Foundation, Watermark; the Stanford Clayman Institute for Gender Research; and UN Women Innovation Coalition for Change.

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